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JIST Innovations

JIST Innovations
460 Jones Court, Unit 101
Erie CO
Booth: 225

Company Description:

Manufacturers of the FertiWiser system for automatic fertilization through your sprinkler. The FertiWiser is specifically designed for residential and small commercial applications to save water, save the environment and to create healthy and vibrant lawns and flower beds. The FertiWiser does this by injecting small amounts of fertilizer every time the sprinkler runs. It is customizable by zone for both type of fertilizer and amount. It will sense when a lawn zone comes on and inject turf fertilizer at whatever rate is programmed for that zone. If a drip zone comes on, it injects shrub and flower fertilizer at what ever rate is programmed for that zone. Come by the booth to find out more about this technology which saves time and money AND gets better results.

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15% off a deluxe FertiWiser automatic fertilizer injector system for your home.

New Products

FertiWiser TRUE Fertigation system for residential systems:

SAVE Water
SAVE Time and Money
ENJOY the most beautiful lawn and landscape on the block

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