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Peak Pro Painting

Peak Pro Painting
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Exterior Home Painting

Painting the exterior of your home is often a daunting and scary task to complete on your own, but exterior re-paints are the bread and butter of our company! We understand the harsh climate in Colorado and the toll it takes on your home and use only the best products available.

Prep is the most important process in re-painting your exterior and making sure the finish product will last! Prep starts with a full power wash, followed by proper caulking, scraping, sanding, priming and masking. Painting is followed after the preparation is complete.

Interior Home Painting

Many homeowners consider interior painting to be much easier than exterior painting, until they start the painting themselves. Interior painting projects are more difficult than exterior projects, more often than not. The reason being a higher level of detail is required for interior prep and painting.
Interior painting is another great service offered by Peak Pro Painting. We are confident in the products we use and offer Zero V.O.C products for use inside of your home.


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