Turn your entertainment room into a hibernation station so you’re ready for winter with these tips

Nov 14, 2023, 16:00 PM
White room interior with wall mount cinema screen and entertainment console and black leather furniture


No matter where you live, one thing seems to be consistent. You typically spend more time at home in the colder months (unless you’re a winter sports enthusiast). There’s a reason it’s often referred to as hibernation season. There’s no time like the present to turn your entertainment room into a hibernation station so you’re ready for the cold winter months. Whether you’re hoping to create the ultimate man cave or movie room, here are some tips or important considerations you should make as you take on this fall project.

Space and Electrical

Large beige room with suede couches and chairs, a big screen TV and a fireplace


A man cave or movie room isn’t complete without a big screen TV or full-on entertainment system, but before you head out to your nearest electronics department, ask yourself – will the room support my sound system needs as is, or is calling a professional for rewiring required? The last thing you want is to blow a fuse and risk wrecking your newest high end investment.

It can also be common to want the BIGGEST possible screen in your entertainment room but make sure your wall can support it if mounting, or you have an appropriate-sized console before you buy a massive 75” flat screen. Don’t forget to consider your layout with furniture and the television’s viewing angles.

Pro Tip: use energy-efficient LEDs to keep electrical costs lower since your entertainment system might be heavy on your electrical.


Man wall mounting a big screen TV

You’re probably planning some winter-months binge watching in your new movie room so make sure your hibernation station is the best it can possible be. Does your current television offer the best AV experience possible or are you looking to upgrade? When shopping for a new TV or sound system, ask yourself if you’re you using for movies and sports, gaming, etc.? Not all televisions are created equal. What else are you planning to incorporate into your movie room or man cave? If you are planning to go beyond being a comfortable couch potato, think about what other entertaining features you can build into your design. A pool table? A dart board? Foosball? Ping pong? Air hockey? Poker table? Retro arcade games? The choice is yours.


white middle aged man wearing white tshirt and jeans sleeping in brown recliner chair

There’s no point in building the ultimate hibernation station to ride out the winter if you aren’t comfortable while being entertained. Depending on the size of your family, you could opt for a larger L-shaped couch, a futon, or smaller loveseat paired with a nice recliner. The most important things you should think about are if it’s big enough to accommodate your family, or guests if you decide to host movie night in your man cave, is it comfortable for extended use, and can every seat in the room clearly see and hear the TV.


Pile of football jerseys. White jersey with red 30, white jersey with orange 3, red jersey with black 34 and black jersey with grey 10


When you design any room in your house, it can be easy to skim through a magazine or blog and just design based on current trends that you like. Why not make it a bit more personal, making it more comfortable for your use during the winter months? Personalize your movie room by highlighting or incorporating your hobbies and interests. A custom chandelier made of empty liquor bottles, vintage movie posters, sports memorabilia, wall-mounted instruments, art, or custom-coloured lighting will give your space personal flair and make it more comfortable for you as you wait out the warmer weather in your hibernation station.



White bar cart with bottles of wine, tea pot, picture frame and fruit on it.

One of the staples of any movie marathon is going to be snacks (and drinks). In addition to supporting the electrical requirements of your home theatre, make sure there’s a dedicated outlet available for a fridge. Will you have a bar fridge, or a full-size fridge? What about a fully functional bar? Most movie rooms or man caves are in the basement, and the further you must run to top up your snacks, the more likely you are to miss the movie! Speaking of missing out on entertainment, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could limit how often you have to get off the couch? Automated or remote-controlled lights and popular voice assistants are great ways to make sure you don’t have to get off the couch to make minor changes to the ambiance.



Grey couch with white plaid blanket, white shag rug, navy pillow and balls of yawn for knitting on floor in front


Though not necessarily huge design considerations when you’re building your dream movie room at home, for budget-and comfort-related reasons, it’s important to think outside the {TV} box a little. A dehumidifier, portable heater, or portable air conditioner will help make sure you’re comfortable during those winter movie marathons, and depending on the age of your house, basements can get pretty cold and damp. And what’s more comfortable than swaddling yourself in something soft and warm? A sherpa blanket and throw pillows will give your room some added personalization and style, while being perfectly functional for you when you’re using it.

Hack: buy some stylish coasters for your drinks so you don’t wreck your table with watermarks.

Whether you’re creating the ultimate man cave or movie room, or you’re just looking for some ideas to spruce up the house this fall, visit us at a local show and get ideas, inspiration and talk to local experts.